Russ Glenn delivers succinct, memorable messages in his writing, and the musicianship breathes crisp, organic life into his creations.” - Chip Withrow

— Muses Muse

Russ Glenn

Light a Candle in the Dark, We are alone on our Pale Blue Dot

Russ pens and sings Indie-folk/ Americana songs in the Hill Country region of Texas.

Russ was baptized in a ship’s bell and has an affinity for songs that explore human relationships and our place in the universe. Russ Glenn's new album "Pale Blue Dot" launched on Earth Day 2022 and is the 5th release by this Texas Hill Country Singer-Songwriter.

The song "Getaway" from the album was picked as a top single of 2022 by Electromagnetic Radio's "Black Shirt Mixtape". 

Tastemakers have remarked that he “writes melodic, soothing odes that crawl inside the recesses of your subconscious and root there for days at a time".

Pale Blue Dot was released on vinyl in February 2023 with a live album scheduled for release in Summer 2024.

The album starts with a lover's plea on "Don't Turn Me Away", imagine seeing two people in love and recalling your one great romance - and then spontaneously pursuing that romance. The tune "Dead All Day" is a bop to share with anyone that makes you feel truly alive. "Discard" investigates the landscape of the broken heart and questions the common trope that "love is a game." 

Do you have a fear of flying? Then you and the narrator of "Getaway" have a lot in common. This Americana song features a driving beat to accompany your travels by air. The song "For You" is a lullaby written for Russ' youngest daughter and "Never Let Me Go" is a haunting tune showcasing Russ' poetic lyricism and his band's ability to capture emotion through music. 

The Blues-inspired "Your Plastic Heart" will have you dancing and "Your Arms, Your Legs, Your Back" will have you rooting for the couple in the song that just can't seem to keep their love afloat. 

The album finishes with two songs that evoke the beauty and fragility of our planet Earth and the hearts of the humans that inhabit this globe. While "Pale Blue Dot" pays homage to Carl Sagan and the Voyager spacecraft, "The Cantaloupe Terrain" explores the outermost reaches of our solar system and the darkness of lost love. 

These 10 original songs were recorded at Ice Cream Factory Studios in Austin, TX with  Engineer/ Producer/ Keys Matt Parmenter and with the help of some amazing musicians including Brittany Marino (vocals, tambourine) , Jesse Karassik (drums), Steve Moreland (bass), Eliana Glenn (vocals), Matt Spong (violin), Tom Gabrielson (vocals), and Tony Rogers (cello). 

Pale Blue Dot launched April 22, 2022

All songs written by Russ Glenn
© 2022 Russ Glenn/ Starshell Music (ASCAP)
Produced by Matt Parmenter and Russ Glenn

Russ Glenn: Vocals, Guitars
Matt Parmenter: Keyboards, percussion
Jesse Karassik: Drums
Steve Moreland: Bass
Eliana Glenn: Vocals
Brittany Marino: Vocals, Tambourine
Matt Spong: Violin
Tom Gabrielson: Vocals
Tony Rogers Cello on Pale Blue Dot

All songs recorded at
Ice Cream Factory Studios in Austin, Texas
except "The Cantaloupe Terrain" recorded solo in quarantine by Russ (all vocals, guitars, and keys)

Image Credits
Pale Blue Dot Album Cover: NASA/JPL-Caltech

photo credit: Anne Morley Photography

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